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Most Prized Possession

“Most precious of all , perhaps, was the parcel that came from Benazir BHutto’s children Bilawal and Bakhtawar.  Inside were two shawls that had belonded to their late mother.  I buried my nose in them to try and smell her perfume.  Later I found a long black hair on one of them, which made it even more special” (Yousafzai 288).

“’I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same,’ Yousafzai said. One hopes that those ambitions will remain limitless. She was wearing a shawl, she said, that Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, had worn before she was murdered. Yousafzai could run a country someday; she might do almost anything” (Davidson).

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Writing an Outline

Ernesto’s Outline

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Talking about “Two Ways to Belong in America”

A powerful infographic exposing various myths about immigrantion. Learn more, love more.


After LIRS Advocacy with Migrants and Refugees, here’s another completely credible and trustworthy source: Buzzfeed!

27 Signs You Were Raised by Immigrant Parents (Buzzfeed)

You mastered the art of interpreting your parents.

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Possible themes for the Compare/Contrast-Research-Persuasive Essay on Marjane and Malala

  • being bi-cultural
  • issues of gender
  • effects of education
  • influence or role of family on the individual
  • relationship to the West
  • what each girl was like before and after the war
  • influence of society and culture on the individual
  • the importance of social justice
  • the importance of society over the individual or the importance of the individual over society

For inspiration, please read the following compare/contrast blog post

Malala and Marjane Graphic Organizer


1. Use at least two of these conjunctions in a sentence: for, nor, yet, so, but

2. Finish these sentences:

Although Malala  . . .

Despite Marjane’s . . .

Whereas Malala . . .

While Marjane . . .

Provided that . . .

(You can substitute the words Malala and Marjane with Pakistan, Iran, Taliban, Persepolis, I Am Malala, Islam, and whatever else fits.)


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Civil Rights Presentation at the Library


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The Family We Adopted for Thanksgiving

Last Name of Family: B________

Family Information: Student is a single parent trying to finish her associate degree to provide a brighter future for her two daughters. Any type of assistance will be greatly appreciated.                                           

Family Profile: Adults: 2                       Children: 2 

Age and Information of Each Child:

Child 1:

Gender: Female         Age: 6             Favorite Color: Pink

    Pant Size: 5T          Shirt Size: 5T  Shoe Size: 10

     Preferred Toys: Elsa & Ana from Frozen

Child 2:

Gender: Female   Age: 4      Favorite Color: Pink/Blue

Pant Size: 5T             Shirt Size: 5T Shoe Size: 8

Preferred Toys: Books, coloring books, Frozen Princesses


Gift Certificates

Don Bookstore Target Wal Mart
Kohl’s Smart and Final Stater Bros
Superior Northgate Food for Less


Other Useful Items

Toothbrushes Children’s Books Pens
Hair Brushes Glue Crayons
Towels Pencils Markers
Blankets Coloring Books Diapers
Lotion Baby Wipes Baby Oil


Suggestions of Non-Perishable Items


Cake Mix Rice O’ Roni Hamburger Helper
Cereal Macaroni and Cheese Canned Fruit
Dry Milk Mashed potato mix Pudding
Chips Salsa & Chips Jell-o
Candy Sugar Crackers/Cookies
Dry Beans/Lentils Instant coffee Canned Tuna
Rice Pasta Canned chicken
Coffee/Tea bags Oatmeal Fruit snacks
Cup of Noodles Top Ramen Baby Formula
Nuts (all kinds Fruit juice boxes/pouches) Spaghetti Sauce/Noodles

Canned soups

Popcorn Bags

Trail mix

Canned Vegetables Peanut Butter/Jam Granola Bars
Turkey Stuffing Pancake mix/Baking mix Dried fruit

Please Note:

Food items must be non-perishable and not require refrigeration

Last day to bring donations is Wednesday, 11/19.

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Persepolis Movie Notes

Notes:                                                                     Connections/explanations/similarities/differences:

*female freedom in Iran vs. Pakistan – Majrane and her mom and grandma live modern lives, Malala’s mom can’t read

*personal account publically published – book/Nobel Prize/movement vs. graphic novel and movie

*strong personalities — both Malala and Marjane are headstrong and independent and fight for what they believe in from a young age

*religion and nationalism — both worlds deal with unstable government and religious influences, both girls are exposed to violence and bloodshed

*strong male role models — Marji (Uncle Anoush), Malala (her father)

*religion – Marji renounces religion when her uncle is killed.  Malala is very devout and religious (girls in bras in that English movie upset her)

*influenced by gender — Malala uses skin lightening creams, Marji dreams of shaving her legs

*anti-Western sentiment — veiled women attacking Marji for her Michael Jackson pin, Nike shoes, punk jacket.  For Malala, Taliban sends letter to Malala’s school saying the girls are acting western/inappropriate for going on a fieldtrip

*anti-American sentiment — wall mural in Persepolis of Statue of Liberty with skeleton face.  For Malala, there are propaganda stories like Polio vaccines make women sterile and that’s what the US wants, or the US created the big earthquake with underwater technology


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