In-Class Writing Workshop

28 Oct

Stage 1:

  • The writing follows the cause/effect outline (pg 241).
  • The writer choose one — cause OR effect.
  • The writer chose one of the orders we talked about in class (pg 240) and it fits this topic.
  • The writing is detailed and specific; the writer actually tells stories about each of the listed causes/effects.
  • The logic is sound.  The writer doesn’t have any post hoc fallacies.

Stage 2:

  • Check capitalization errors (422).
  • Check pronouns — I/me, he/him, she/her (423).
  • Check for fragments, comma splices, and run-ons (424, 425, 426).
  • Check spelling of these words (428):
    • you’re/your
    • its/it’s
    • they’re/there/their
    • affect/effect
    • accept/except
    • than/then
    • a lot
    • nowadays instead of now a days
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