Breakdown of Chapters 9 and 10

12 Oct

111 – Quiyet – A ‘new type’ of Taliban had come to the valley who wore black badges which said SHARIAT YA SHAHADAT—SHARIA LAW OR MARTYRDOM; people called them Tor Patki or the Black-Turbaned Brigade.

112 – Erika – Fazlullah was a manipulative person who opened his own radio station so people can believe in him and think that he is doing what is best for everyone.

114 – Genesis – Many people admired Fanzlullah not because he was a great person but because he made people believe he was however, Malala’s father knew what time of person he really was.

115 – Neiby – 115 Fazlullah tries to persuade people to obey his beliefs by broadcasting them on his own radio station, which many people believed him and saw him as a hero.

116 – Catherine – Swat’s citizens were being blinded by Fazlullah’s words.

117 – Mayra – Women in poor villages would give gold and money to Fazlullah. There was tables set up so women would give him the stuff. Some women would give their life savings to him to make God “happy”. Fazlullah sent men from his village to build a wall to protect Swat. Malala’s father was angry because people would help build a school but they would do anything for him

120 – Ernesto – Fazlullah stopped giving the polio drop vaccination to the women because he said the Americans had done it to die out all the women and people from swat. He also sent people of into the streets with machine guns to kill anyone who spoke against him. Malalas dad was happy for the change and said they would save money because they could not take the women to cheena bazaar. Maulana fazlullahs brother was killed with three of his kids by an America drone attack. Many feared what would happened. Days later a suicide bomber killed forty two Pakistan shoulders and himself.

122 – Jessica – Malala’s father decided to change the boys school uniform. They kept the uniforms royal blue and they had to wear headscarfs but they needed to be worn in and out of school. One of Malala’s fathers friend told him that life isn’t only about breathing the air but he can stand against the Taliban’s and make a difference instead of accepting everything they’re doing. When her fathers friend told him that he ended up writing a letter to the local newspaper, Daily Azadi, he wrote to them that he wanted the Taliban’s to stop harming the children. Her father wrote a powerful message saying that both the Taliban’s and Islamics both believe in the same god they pray to everyday. His letter was published but it had been buried inside the newspaper, and since they didn’t like that he wrote that they wrote his name and address of the school.

123 – Robert – The Swat valley used to be a peaceful place in pakistan where the school girls could go to a lot of places to sightsee, before Fazlullah came into power. When Fazlullah came into power the girls would no longer do field trips, because they were not supposed to be outside. The taliban also, bombed a lot of the places the girls used to go for fun like; the buddhist statues and stupas. The statues had been there for thousands of years but were bombed because, the taliban believed they were haram and sinful.

124 – Shantal – The Taliban thought of them as easy to manipulate, tried and even got them to do what wanted. In the process of that they restricted them of what the could & could not do in their daily lives.

127 – Alma – After Abdul Rashid was killed during Operation Silence Fazlullah declared war on the Pakistani Government.

128 – Karen – Karen Moran Page 128 – Commandos went  from room to room to search Abdul Rashid and he was killed with his followers in a basement.  In Swat ,hundreds of people and children died from the bloody violence.

129 – Benito – Benazir Bhutto made a deal with General Musharraf in witch Musharraf would gain support from Bhutto’s party and in return Bhutto would be allowed to return to Pakistan, because the USA was worried Musharraf was losing important public support. Bhutto influenced Malala to become more outspoken, and on the 18th of October Bhutto returned to Pakistan were hundreds of thousands watched as she entered the country.

132 – Brenda – The Pakistan army took Imam Deri who were the headquarters of Fazlullah; which lead to the Fazlullah retreating themselves into the mountains. The Taliban leaders met in South Wazirsistan to come to the agreement of declaring war on Pakistan

133 – Thalia – A suicide bomber blew himself up near Benazir’s vehicle where she died and Malala’s family were very sad about this situation.

134 – Amanda – Malala talks about how qari sahibs would come and teach the children the Quran and by the time the Taliban came she finished but then one qari sahib said that Benazir’s assassination was okay. This frightened Malala but her father told her to not follow what these people say or think because they misinterpret and only follow what God says.

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