Breakdown of Chapters 5-8

28 Sep
Page 69- Jessica Ch.- Malala was used to being top of her class but all of a sudden this new girl named Malka-e-Noor came to her class and she wanted to be Pakistan’s first female army chief. Malala thought that she could beat her but when competition day came she lost and she went home and cried about it.Then Malala and her family moved to another area.
70 – Karen V. – Malala is caught stealing from Safina , her first thought was that if Safina was stealing from her she would do the same. Malala’s mother asks her if she was trying to bring shame into their family.
72 – Jose – Malala was very disappointed in the act of stealing she has done, her father knew that she stole from Safina and he told her the mistakes great heroes have done when they were children. He told her stories of famous people like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln and how they dealt with mistakes. Malala has stated that ‘everyone in their life makes mistakes, but the important thing is that you learn from it’.
Page 73 – Yen – Malala talked about how Pashtun took vengeance. They would kill any male member of the attacker’s family and that family then took revenge in turn. The circle keeps going around and it seems like to never end. Pashtun believes they neither forget nor forgive which means they will remember what other people did to them. They will never forget a good deed or bad one and they also believe that kindness can only be repaid with kindness, not with “thank you”. Malala even pointed out an example about her father’s old classmate was killed because of a dispute with his cousins over a small plot of forest. She said that her father was a respected man in the community and often called on to solve feuds. He would try to persuade people that no one would gain anything from violence and try to get on with their lives.

74 – Caesar – People in Malala’s village believe in revenge because their crime rate is much lower than other non-Pashtun villages but Malala believes in a non-violent philosophy. Their politicians believe that stealing is no big deal either because the people of pakistan are very poor never seeing any kind of aid from the government but the politicians have a lot of resources including flats in London.

Pg. 75 – Tri – Nawaz Sharif was a prime minister at the time, and he had fallen out with his army chief General Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf was the fourth military dictator.

76 – Paola – Musharaff guaranteed to everyone that he was going to end the old federal system, but the people sometimes thaught it wasn’t a good idea.
Pg 77 – Joanna – Malala learns a lesson it is important to treat friends well. Friends have helped her father when he needed and that is something that cannot be forgotten. Moniba has become Malala’s best friend they do everything together and Malala sees Moniba like her older sister. Malala and Moniba decided to enter a public speaking competition.
78 – Linda – Malala has entered a speech competition with her friend Moniba, Malala’s grandfather comes making her nervous and when her speech is done she looks up at her father and he is smiling at her.
79. – 80 – Ricardo – She was involve in some speech competition her subject was about president Lincoln and she ended up being in second place. Her favorite show was “ Shaka Laka Boom Boom” it was bout a boy who had a magic pencil; everything he drew became real and Malala wanted one too.
81 – Liz – Scavenger children are children who go out and search throw rubbish looking for anything that could be sold for money. Malala’s mother acted more like an independent women for she would abandon a few of her “womanly duties” and go out to shop or visit the ill.
82 – Andrea – According to the culture in Pakistan, it is believed that if a women who has left her husband has brought shame on her family. And from there who family would now want nothing to do with her at all.
pg 85 – Jessica Ca. – Malala’s father became an inspiring speech writer about love,honor killings and women rights this meant that he had less time to spend time with his family. After 9/11 everything changed Osama was living in Kandahar after the attack on the worlds trade center which lead Americans to need the help of Afghanistan.
86 – Maggie – Osama Bin Laden is seen as a hero to religious people after 9/11. Some people would say that 9/11 was a revenge to the United States and didn’t care that the people from the world trade center were innocent.
87 – Griselda – The ISI chief led Americans to believe he was on their side, but he was also helping the Talibans. Women would not be declared widow if there was no proof their men were deceased. same one has the show to make everyone happy.
pg.88 – Gaby – The Musharraf was abusing the money they received from the American government for their own use. Meanwhile Malala’s father was disgusted to see what was going on but knows he can’t do anything about it.
pg.89 and 90 – Yvette – Malala is praying to God asking for help and wants him to make her perfect.  Things with the school were going good and Malala’s father thought everything was going great but then this man, Ghulamullah wanted the school gone.

91 – Karen G. – Maulana tried to close their school, and in 1947 British India was separated, in which two million of people were killed trying to cross the border.

pg.94 – Miriam – The Mufti went to Malala’s home to try to convince her father that he should close the school because girls shouldn’t be attending. Malala’s father objected and claimed to be Muslim.

Pg.96 – Miriam – Zia began something called enlightened moderation, which opened up media including women and celebrations such as New Year’s Eve. In 2002 there was elections held by Musharraf and the MMA alliance won  with his support and support gro religious Pashtuns who were angry with the American invasion.

98 – Gaby – Malala’s father has had enough with the Mufti yet he also knows that they won’t give up and that their problems are going to get a lot worse than they are.
99 – Maggie – The tribal agencies are ran by Maliks in these tribal areas there’s not many hospitals or schools, and women can’t read. The army enters the tribal areas for the first time on March 2014 and many soldiers are killed because most men in South Waziristan carry weapons.
pg 100 – Jessica Ca. – After the U.S was tricked by the leader Nek Mohammad they sent  a drone that killed him instantly and the persons around him.There were other three attacks that involved the death of young boys to other innocent people which they thought was  where al-Qaeda was hiding directed by the U.S.
103 – Andrea – Malala says that us Muslims believe our fate is written by God. After Malala’s mom had complained about living in those apartments in Mingora. Her father Ziauddin had enough and said that “If you believe in God you would stay here” and “God has given us power to forget, so when the tragedy is over we carry on as normal”.
Pg104 – Joanna – 73,000 people had been killed and 128,000 injured from the earthquake. Everyone stared raising money, and asking for donations from people they knew. They received five trucks of food from the company Lahore which supplied the schoolbooks.

Pg. 105 – Linda – There was an earthquake that devastated near where Malala is from, a lot of aid could not be brought to certain areas because of the terrain or sometimes locals would crowd underneath the helicopters.

107 – Paola – After the earthquake many people died, and 11,000 orphan children had lost everything.

Tri – The leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is a passionate professor from Lahore called Hafiz Saeed, who is often in the television calling on people to attack India. The Jamaat-ul-Dawa (JuD) set up a large field hospital with medical technologies and rooms for patients.

111 – Caesar – 111- When Malala was ten the Taliban came into her valley but they did not call themselves the Taliban to begin with because they didn’t look like what Malala had seen photos of. They were always dirty and never shaved. People started calling them Tor Pekai. Aba’s friends described them as “people deprived of baths and barbers.”

112 – Yen – Malala was ten when the Taliban came to her valley. Their leader was Maulana Fazlullah, a 28-year-old who used to operate the pulley chair to cross the Swat River and whose right leg dragged because of childhood polio. He used to study in the madrasa of Maulana Sufi Mohammad, the founder of the TNSM, and married his daughter. After Sufi Mohammad was imprisoned in 2002, Fazlullah took over the leadership. After the earthquake, he first showed up in Imam Deri and set up a radio station. Most people did not have TV or they were illiterate and soon they knew about Mullah FM, Fazlullah as the Radio Mullah. At first, he showed to be a wise man, an Islamic reformer and an interpreter of the Quran and many people started liking him. He used the radio station to convince people to abandon bad habits such as smoking, tobacco, heroin and adapt good habits that he thinks are good. He even showed people how to pray correctly and wash their body parts. Fazlullah sometimes gave out reasonable speech but the other times, he would threaten and forcefully tell people what to do.

113 – Jose – Fazullah was a wise but evil Taliban Leader he hacked into a radio station Illegally and started speaking to the people about how to better improve themselves, but at the same time he wanted them to stop listening to music, watching movies and dancing in which that was the cause of the earthquake. Many people believed him because they thought he would get rid of the Pakistani Justice System and by six months people got rid their TVs, DVDs and CDs. Many shops closed voluntarily and the owners who closed them were paid compensation by the Taliban.

115 – Karen V. – Hidayatullah warns them about the army & states they try to be the nice guys and capture the bad ones once they have everyone on their side they become the bad ones and to be careful.

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