Breakdown of Chapters 3 & 4

26 Sep

40 – Rosibel – Malalas Mother didn’t feel worthy of being with Malalas father because he has such knowledge compared to her she didn’t have much.

41 – Karen G. – Malala’s father was grateful for the knowledge he received, since females were not allowed to have one. His father wanted him to be a doctor, but he continued on his education path and believed that corruption in Pakistan was because people were not educated.

42 – Alan – Many people in sewoor didn’t get along with each other, teachers didn’t teach the gujars which were a group of people that looked after buffalo, malalas father had a lot of respected for the gujar because of there hard lives after he  graduated he  would spend time educating the gujars.

43 – Most teachers would not really care and would not teach to the students but her uncle was different he really liked teaching the students. Her father volunteered and thats when his brother in law saw him and offered him if he wanted to stay with him to go to college.

45 – Gaby – Malala’s father became very involved in education that he even became apart of the PSF , It’s been said if he was rich he could’ve been president.44 – Miriam – Malala’s father moves in with Nasir Pacha and his wife Jajai to their home in Spal Bandi where women were able to go out more. Her father was able to go to college and during college, elections were held and won by their first female prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

46 – Yvette – Many people in Pakistan debated about the book, “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie, because they didn’t like it and wanted it banned and violence broke out in front of the American Center.

48 – Griselda – Naeem was upset because Malala’s father would welcome guest in their property, eventhough they didn’t have any money.47 – Maggie – Having different ideas in values, Mala’s father and Naeem decide to open an English school, since many tourist visit Swat. Landikas is the place where Malala’s father and Naeem  open their English school.

49 – Liliana – Malala’s father became involved in student politics he became general secretary of the PSF. He becomes friends with ul-Haq Haqqani who was her fathers ex-rival.

50 – Andrea – Running a school in Pakistan is as if you are committing  crime. According to Malala’s father, it should never be a crime just to run a school and nor should anyone ever just bribe to get paid for that kind of stuff. Malala’s father is just trying to educate the children of our future and also exclaims that the government is no ones boss. Technically the government is here to help everyone else, the government is just taking salaries and here to serve people. we are the ones who are educating the children and people.

51 – Lizeth – Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, is a creative, strong minded, and not a businessman, therefore he struggled greatly in trying to keep his beloved school running. mostly due to money issues. Ziauddin, also, married the loved of his life but kept the wedding a secret for no money meant he couldn’t afford to entertain his guests.

52 – Jessica Ca. – Malala was talking about her different traditions in her culture when a marriage is arranged such as ; seeing each other for first time, sitting a boy to encourage the birth of a son , and moving in with the husbands family. The family has to give gold, furniture,or a fridge which is also part of their tradition.

53 – Noemi – Malala’s father is in debt due to all the money he owes so him and his wife work together to find a solution that will help them get the money he needs. In their culture, communication and appreciating your wife isn’t very common but Malala’s father does just that.

54 – Joanna –

-Malala’s father did not get a good price for the bangles.
-the area where they lived was flooded.
-the home and school was destroyed everything was cover in mud.
-after ten days there was a second flood.

55 – Linda – Malala was born on July 12,1997. There was a parade in Swat to celebrate Pakistan’s anniversary; Malala’s father protested the parade was arrested and received a fine.

56 – Ricardo – Malala’s father really cared about education; she liked school ever since she was a little girl.

Page 57- Jessica Ch. –  The people that live in Swat didn’t realize that the tragedy that happen in September 11,2001 would change their world and it would bring war into their valley.
60 – Tri – While on the road, Malala and her family were on their way to the gate to Shangla Top. When they arrived, they saw the snow of Malam Jabba, fresh springs, waterfalls, and they stopped for a break.
61 – Trinidad – Shahpur was the largest Barkana where Malala father grew and Karshat was where Malala mother lived.
62 – Bree – Malala explains that the village of Karshat use the White Mountain like a clock.
63 – Caesar – Ten million Pashtuns live outside their homeland and will never return having to work to maintain their families new life style. Their Village had no hospital having to go to Shahpur in case of emergency.
64 – Jose – Malala is a very young modern girl, her idea of modern does not apply to other Pashtun girls.She likes to read books and not walk barefoot like the others, her family would tell her to cook a chicken for them and she would say “No the chicken is innocent”. Malala would go on trips with her family to fish, and she loved to play games with her friends especially one called “weddings” in which they pretended to get married with one another, just like in a traditional Pashtun wedding.
65 – Jovanny – On a mock wedding they would prepare the bride, once she was done, she would cry and they would have to comfort her by telling her encouraging words. There would be times when a family would go into debt for making a big wedding that would go on for a couple days. Malala’s grandma and aunts would often tell them scary stories so that they could get things done.
66 – Karen V. – The code of conduct is where womans treatment is highly observed. Malala wore fashionable clothes & didn’t cover her face unlike other women.

67 – Yen – Malala started talking about the conflicts within her society. It’s about treating women, they can be given to resolve a feud like objects and nobody can marry a widow with the permission of her family. A woman’s life can be ruined just to settle a dispute that she has nothing to do with. Malala’s father told her that life was harder for women in Afghanistan. Under Taliban’s control, girls’ schools were destroyed, men had to grow beards as long as lanterns and for women, they suffer ridiculous things. They had to wear burqas, on hot days, it is like an oven and they are not allowed to laugh out loud and prohibited from wearing white since it’s “men’s color”. Some of them got locked up and beaten just because they were wearing nail varnish. Malala enjoys reading books and believes in freedom, one day shall be regained.

Page 68- Jessica Ch. – Malala used to say that girls could go to school but the Taliban were just around the corner. Her father used to tell her that he will protect her freedom and to just carry on with her dreams.

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