Outline Peer-Review Workshop

23 Sep

You will need to meet with two people who will talk to you about two different types of issues.  Please choose a person from each of the two categories.  When you’re giving feedback to your classmate, it’s not enough to say “Yes, it does” or “No, it doesn’t” when answering questions — help your classmate fix the problem.  If you don’t know how, call me over and I’ll help.

Category 1 — Content — this person will focus on WHAT you’re writing about

Questions to ask:

1. Are all 5 parts of the narrative present and complete?

2. Does the situation set up background information?

3.  Does the conflict clearly present a problem in a sentence or two?

4.  Does the struggle list all of the things that happened chronologically?

5.  Is there a result in the outcome?

6.  Is the meaning a bigger-picture message or lesson that can be applied to almost all situations?

7. Is there a topic sentence?  A concluding sentence?


Category 2 — Language — this person will focus on HOW you’re writing

1.  Are there any issues with capitalization?

2.  What punctuation issues can you fix (quotation marks, periods, commas, etc.)?

3.  Are there any run-ons (two sentences trying to squeeze into one)?  Ways to fix run-ons:

period  .     or    semi-colon ;      or    comma , with one of the FANBOYS

4.  Is the language academic and formal instead of casual and too friendly/full of slang words?

5.  Does the writer only use 3rd person (he, she, they)? Some special cases might use 1st person (I/me).

6.  Is the narrative about one, specific event?

7.  Is there a clear problem/issue that drives the story or is there nothing happening?


Category 1: Mayra Ch., Quiyet, Karen, Benito, Thalia, Shantal. Era, Miguel, Oscar, Ernesto, Ruth, Neiby, Catherine, Marco

Category 2: Amanda, Brenda, Michelle, Erika, Erain, Genesis, Robert, Jesica, Emily, Alma, Alyssa, Mayra Ca., Jasmin

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