FEP Parent Orientation

15 Sep
Info about the annual FEP Parent Orientation on Thursday, Sept. 25th from 6:15 – 7:30pm. 
This is a time where parents can learn more about Freshman Experience, How College Works, and How they can assist their college student to be successful.
Information will be provided in English and Spanish and there will be a time for Questions and Answers.  
You can tell your students that no specific information can be given to their parents about their progress without their permission. J

We will be going over more generic information about college. See attached.
We will be providing a “proof of attendance”so students can get extra credit.

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Tips for Parents of New College Students

Steve Bautista, Counselor / Co-Coordinator, Freshman Experience
(714) 564-6873 

Be understanding and supportive of your student the first several weeks or months of college. This can be a rough time as your student adjusts to the college environment.  Courses are demanding, frequently requiring two to three hours of study outside of class for every hour the student spends in class.  This requires the student to manage his or her time in new and more efficient ways as they try to juggle the demands of school, home responsibilities and work.

The student needs a place to study where he or she can concentrate without major distractions.  This could be a place in the home or the student may find it easier to study in our library on campus.

Resist the urge to rescue your student. During college, students should learn how to solve their own problems. Encourage your student to use the campus resources so that they will know how to resolve a situation.

Think about your student’s new calendar – the beginning of school, midterms, and finals are very stressful times. Your support and encouragement during these times are extremely important.

Be patient with your student if they change their major. College offers many degree programs and your student will learn about different programs and career opportunities during their first year. It is very common for students to change their major a couple of times.

Understand that your student will be going through a stage of exploration. Students should be finding out who they are and what they believe in, yet this may not always be in agreement with parents. Keep lines of communication open and be supportive of changes in your student.

Encourage your student to meet new people. A college environment offers opportunities for students to meet other people from around the world and learn about different cultures and countries.

Encourage your student to get involved on campus with activities. This is a valuable experience for your student and can make a difference when applying for jobs during or after college. Research indicates that students who are involved on campus have a higher level of satisfaction with their institution, perform better academically, and persist to graduation. SAC sponsors several student organizations as well as a variety of other programs and activities.

Respect and trust your student’s ability to make decisions. This builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Show your student that you believe he or she is capable, and your son or daughter will develop the confidence to handle himself or herself in challenging situations.

Keep an open mind to their ideas, experiences, and opinions. College is a young adult’s opportunity to grow and establish an identity through the exploration of ideas, values, interests, majors, professions, and the many faces of diversity. Have faith that you have raised your student well and try to be supportive of your student’s exploration by providing him or her with the freedom to discover different interests.

Allow your student to make mistakes. Of course, this is a difficult suggestion, but it is important. Some of your student’s most valuable learning experiences are a result of learning from his/her mistakes. Don’t be too hard on your son or daughter when he or she makes a mistake.

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