Breakdown of Chapters 1 and 2 (I Am Malala)

10 Sep

13 – Efrain – Malala was born from a very poor family and in a place where most men think women are only useful for cooking and giving birth to children, but Malala’s father was different from the other men.

14- Quiyet – Malala was born and named after Malalai, the greatest heroine of Afghanistan; and she was loved by her father and gave her attention a father would usually give for his sons. 

15 – Erika – Malala’s father was proud of Malalai that every time he had visitors he told them the story of Malalai.

16 – Genesis – Swat had a interesting history and was know for its beauty and that was why many wealthy people would visit. Even though it was really near Pakistan’s capital it was far removed in many ways.

17 – Neiby –  Malala describes where she lived which was Mingora a beautiful “place of flowers” and a “place of Buddhist statues”, she says; also Islam came to Malala’s country in the eleventh century and invaded Afghanistan.

18 – Catherine – Malala talks about the beautiful places her country has to offer and explains their natural beauty.

20 – Miguel – Two years later Malala’s brother was born, like her he was born at home they couldn’t afford the hospital and like every siblings they would fight all the time.

21 – Oscar – Malala describes her father’s, Grandfather’s, and mother’s appearance, and describes her traits. In their culture people have nicknames based on their appearance, as well as marriages were arranged by families; her father was very self conscious of his skin until he met Malala’s mother, when he would go study to his uncle’s house.

22 – Mayra – Even though Malala’s parents claimed to be in love with each other, both of their parents disapproved of their marriage and it took nine months to approve their marriage.

23 – Ruth – Malalas father made a good living for her and good name for himself; she loved the evenings when guest visited. in the summer there would often be thunders and lighting crashing outside

24 – Ernesto – Malala’s ancestors helped Timurid win back his throne therefore they were rewarded with land, the Yousafzai  would swap land every five or ten years to prevent inequality. Since there was no ruler there constant fights between the family.

25 – Jessica – Malala is explaining how the Yousafzai had no ruler and they were afraid that the British would take over. They kept trying to look for a ruler but never worked out, but then the chief found Miangul Sahib and he became the king. He was unable to read and write but he was able to bring peace which recognized by the British as the head of the state. The king brought a lot to his people, like the first  telephone, primary school. More into the story she talks about how the Kings son brought prosperity and was like his dad but he had an education and was passionate about schools and built lots of schools. He ended the system where people had pay for taxes, but the people there didn’t have as much freedom because they didn’t pay for taxes because they had no freedom of expression.

26 – Roberto – Malala remembers when she was younger she would play with her girl neighbors but realized soon they would not be allowed to go outside due to tradition. The tradition is that a female is not allowed to be outside without a male relative, even if the boy was 5 years old. Malala decided that she was not going to become one of those girls, and she was going to try to become as free as a bird.

27 – Jose – Malala talks about the issues that her father had with words, she tells us that he would stutter and had trouble with the simplest words and letters like m, p, and k.

28 – Jasmin – Malala’s father has a stutter problem so when he was still young his mother took him to see a holy man who put a lump of “gur “, dark molasses in his mouth hoping to cure it but made it worse. His father did not like his stutter at all.

29 – Alma – Women were always left out of everything all they are use for is to cook and wait to be married, when it was dinner time they get the neck and wings of the chicken when the men get the best part  like the breast.

30 – Era – In 1969 Swat became part of Pakistan; Zia ul-Haq became ruler and forced people to follow Islamic principles he eventually executed prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for treason which made Pakistan look bad and led America to cut off aid.

31 – Karen – General Zia restricted women’s rights in Pakistan for example, when a thirteen year old girl got raped she was sent  to prison because she did not had four male witnesses.  Changes were made by the military when the Russians invaded Afghanistan.

32 – Benito – The soviet invasion of Afghanistan was used by Pakistan’s dictator as leverage to gain support of not only the USA but of Arabs all over the world especially from Saudi Arabia (Osama Bin Laden is one of them).

33 – Michelle – Malala’s father believes that jihad was all run by the CIA, which she explains how Zia Jihad encouraged people to join his organization, through religiously beliefs, making seem as if it were the right thing to do. (CIA, was involved because at the time, The U.S were against The Soviet Union)

34 – Amanda – Malala’s father is brainwashed being led astray believing he might have thought of being a suicide bomber but later changed when he meet Faiz Mohammad and went to Malala’s mothers family hujras.

35 – Brenda – Malala’s father met Faiz Mohammand (his wifes brother) they both were invloved in local politics where they spoke about wanting to end feudal and capitalist system in their country. Pakistanis don’t know their exact dates of birth and tend to remember years by big events.

36 – Thalia – Malala’s father was the least favorite of cousins in the family because of his skin color and his looks but his grandmother was the one who had great faith in him for his future and made him feel loved. 

37 – Mayra Ca. – Malalas father was an extremely disciplined man that was eligible for discounts at school but one thing he always wished was to have a brand new book of his own, but for him the most important gift was education.

38 – Alyssa – Malala’s father was sent to a government school when he was young and he had a deep love for education, he was very gifted in speaking, but when his father gave him his first big speech he practiced and practiced and when he went up he was scared and shaky.

39 – Nidzara – Malala’s father continues to overcome his speaking problem and for the first time makes his father proud.  His father names him “falcon,” but he decides not to call himself that when he finds out how cruel falcons are (this foreshadows Malala’s father’s kindness).


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