Outlining and Planning an Essay (Taylor’s N61 Only)

29 May

A PDF document on how to outline an essay:


Write a 3-5 page essay where with the help of research you argue and point out the similarities among Lowry’s The Giver, the film Never Let Me Go, and our world today.  You are being graded on your ability to find connections, analyze deeper meanings, use research responsibly and to supplement your argument, support and explain ideas, and follow all MLA guidelines.

Some of themes include: invisible oppressors and surveillance, being drawn to and fearing the truth at the same time, the importance of art to being human, dystopian society, group vs. individual, societal rules, traditions, and beliefs.  You’re welcome to use any of these themes or ones we talk about in class or come up with your own.  Once you’ve established a connection between the novel and the film, the next step is to search for a connection to the real world.  This is where the research comes in.  Important: all the research that you do should solely focus on the connection you’re making to the real world.  Do not do any research on themes of The Giver or Never Let Me Go.  We would have covered that in class and you would only be repeating what was already said.  Also, research the book and the film will take you dangerously close to plagiarism – avoid it!

Because this is an essay with a research component, please pay special attention to using research responsibly and avoiding plagiarism; plagiarism includes deliberately copying, not citing sources correctly, paraphrasing too closely to the original, not using quotation marks, referencing illegitimate sources like paper-writing sites, etc.  Accidental or “I really didn’t know” plagiarism is still plagiarism, and all essays with any type of plagiarism – regardless of reason – will earn “0” points.

Other points:

Due date – June 5, last day of class, at the beginning of class within five minutes, that’s by 6:05, hard copy or emailed to

Sources: 3 or more

Length: 3-5 pages, not including works cited page, no title page necessary


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