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For the next couple of weeks, both N50 and N60 will be writing about their childhoods.

In N50, we are working on descriptive writing.  Our goal is to really draw in our reader by composing descriptions that are inviting, detailed, and capture the experience of our individual childhoods.  We will be using the five senses – sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell – to describe what our childhood experiences were like.

In N60, we are working on comparing and contrasting by examining specific categories or areas that the two sides share.  To do this, we will be comparing and contrasting our child selves with who we are today with the hopes of finding out something new about ourselves.  Some students are trying to persuade the reader of the changes that have taken place, while others are trying to argue that they are ultimately still that same mischievous little boy or girl on the inside, while still others are describing, informing, evaluating, etc.  Furthermore, one of our goals is to practice writing with a “purpose” and anchoring our examples, paragraphs, and analysis around the said purpose.

Since all of you have been so great about sharing childhood photos of yourselves, here are a couple of mine!

This is me looking ever so stylish in white pajamas, carrying a pair of fuzzy ear muffs (I’m not sure why).

Here is another photo of me carrying a random object — this time one men’s slipper, the left one, I believe.

In N60 I talked about my mom always cutting my hair short like a boy’s, and I know you guys are dying to see a photo of that – so, here you go!  In the picture below, I am three years old and on my way to preschool where I was to find out that all the other little girls had pony tails and curls.

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